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Festa Cortese is an old dance troupe formed in 1999. , when a group of enthusiasts fell in love with the culture of medieval dance and food. Today, our repertoire has expanded since the 14th century. until the 19th century. English, Italian and French dance, music, song and poetry, incorporating both authentic and our own choreography. We promote old European cultural values ​​and constantly delve into the history of costumes, colors and music of the respective age, update the knowledge of dance and social communication culture. in drama theater performances “Barbora Radvilaitė” (dir. I. Bučienė), “King Vytautas” (dir. V. Rumšas),

Donelaitis (dir. V. Rumšas). Finally, we decided to try the actor 's range and Together with the National Culture Prize winner Čiurlionis Quartet, we presented the dance performance “Women Beloved by King Mindaugas”, and the ensemble Musica Humana invited us to join in creating a theatrical concert “Dedication to Queen Barbora Radvilaitė”. We are probably the only old dance troupe in Lithuania that has been cooperating with the professional medieval music group Remdih (Czech Republic) for 10 years, and we present two joint programs “16th Century. French brannies ’and‘ Echo la primavera ’. And friends fakirs from Viduramziai.lt can decorate more than one program, but it is most suitable for the dance mystery "Hunting Spells".



Impressive, intriguing and stunning. The most beautiful baroque gems are demonstrated by the only troupe dancing baroque in Lithuania, FESTA CORTESE. With a new, never-before-seen, glowing program for Louis XIV himself. The costumes representing the Baroque theater and the flicker of feathers enchant the viewer, preparing it for the spectacle:


most often associated with France and the manor of Louis XIV, known as King Sun. Thanks to him, baroque dances are so elegant, theatrical and virtuoso. After all, it is a struggle between burgeoning expression and strict rules of the dance movement. Minuet, Gavoth, Sarabanda ... require special preparation and considerable talent.


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